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Available from version 12.174


The pictures screen on a property record displays the date that any images were last added or updated


1. View last updated date

From property record:

  • Click main picture (bottom left) to access the pictures screen

  • The date an image was last added or updated is shown in the title bar


The Last Updated date is the date the last update was made to any image type within the pictures screen - i.e. a picture, floorplan, map or QR code

The Last Updated date is updated when:

  • any image type is added to the pictures screen

  • any image type is removed from the pictures screen

  • the image order is changed

  • the main picture is changed (i.e. the picture tagged with a yellow star)

The Last Updated date is not updated when:

  • the image name is changed (e.g. kitchen)

  • the image type is changed (e.g. a picture image type is changed to a floorplan type)


For more information on using the pictures screen, click here: Pictures, maps, floorplans

2. Report on pictures last updated date

From main menu:

  • Click Power Reports and select report type of Property Report, then select Sales or Lettings

  • Click Show more

  • Select Pictures Last Updated

  • Click drop down menu for options to report on a preset date range or custom range, or to report before/after a specified date

Example report

This report returns all properties currently for sale and available being sold by the London office (that are not external) and that have not had a picture update since 01/01/2023

3. View pictures last updated information in property/Organiser report grids

From a property report results grid or organiser property grid:

  • Right-click over the column headings, select Pick columns, click More

  • Select Pictures Last Updated and click Accept

  • The new column is added to the far right side of the grid - click and drag the column heading to the desired position

  • Right-click over the column headings again and click Save grid layout

  • The column will show when using this type of grid again - grid functions can be used to sort or filter the list

    • To sort the list, click the column heading

    • To filter the list by date, click to the right of the column heading to view filter icon (shown below), click icon and enter the date range to filter by


The example above shows a property grid accessed via the Organiser - the same functionality is available when viewing the report results grid after running a property Power Report