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Restoring a previously merged contact is not possible if any of the activities listed below have taken place since the contacts were merged

The activities in question that will prevent the contact merge from being restored are listed and apply when the contact:

  • is a landlord and has:

    • a current or arranging tenancy

    • any transactions

    • a finished tenancy with outstanding post tenancy checks

    • a property with outstanding works orders

  • is a lettings applicant and has:

    • an arranging tenancy

    • a pending offer

  • is a guarantor with a current or arranging tenancy

  • is a sales applicant with a pending or accepted offer
    However, a sales applicant can be restored after the property status is set to Exchanged or Completed

  • is a vendor and has:

    • a sales property that has outstanding sales invoices 

    • any transactions 

    • a sales property that has any of the following statuses: For Sale, Under Offer, Reserved or Exchanged

  • has one or more referrals that conflict with an existing referral

  • is a leaseholder with any transactions

  • has an offer with any transactions

Frequently asked questions

What information is moved to the main contact record?

Once merged, the following information from the merged-in contact will be visible on the main contact record: ID Check information, notes/journal entries and roles (i.e. applicant, vendor, tenancy, etc.)

I need to merge two contact records with two different Key Contacts - who becomes the Key Contact once merged?

The Key Contact for the contact where the merge was performed will be kept
e.g. if contact A was used to initiate the merge, then contact A’s Key Contact will be retained, although the merged-in contact will be archived and the Key Contact name retained in the archive

I want to merge two contacts but they have different names - what happens to the two names?

The name for the contact that the merge was performed on will be used
e.g. if contact A was used to initiate the merge, then contact A’s name will be used, although the merged-in contact will be archived and their name retained in the archive

If I merge two contacts - do all the journal entries from the merged-in contact get pulled across too?

Most notes/journal entries are pulled across from the merged-in contact to the contact being used to initiate the merge

Can I merge contacts that belong to other offices?

Yes, if your system security permits it - for example, if a company has no security restrictions around accessing or merging other offices records, then the user will get access to merge all contacts that are available to be merged

Can I report on contacts that have been merged?

Not through Power Reports but you are able to find main/merged contacts through notes in the Activity Feed or the History tab of the Merges & Duplicates screen, as seen in section above titled: Restore previously duplicated contacts (where configured)

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