Sales pipeline report

This guide has been reviewed against our global client base and classed as relevant to all regions

The Offers & Pipeline screen allows a pipeline report to be run for sales properties - a variety of criteria and output options are available, including being able to export the report to a spreadsheet

1. Access the pipeline report criteria screen

From Reports on the main menu:

  • Click MI Analysis and select Offers & Pipeline Reports
    The Offer Reporting screen is displayed

  • At the top of the screen, select Pipeline Report
    This adds criteria to the screen needed for a pipeline report

  • Run the report with the criteria shown below, or use the fields to narrow down the results further, such as reporting by Office or adding Expected exchange dates - see example in 1a below

  • Click Report to run the report

1a. Example pipeline report criteria

This report criteria will return properties in the Oxford office that are SSTC/Under Offer or Reserved, that are due to exchange in March 2024 and have the offer status of Accepted - Pipeline

Example report.png

Accepted - Pipeline status can be set on a property via the Offers screen by ticking Include in Pipeline when offer status is set to Accepted - this option allows specific properties to be selected as pipeline properties to ensure that only those properties are returned when running the above report
Being able to tick Include in Pipeline is a configuration option - contact Reapit Support to set-up

2. Pipeline list

Current properties in the pipeline are shown in a grid

  • Selecting an entry in the grid displays more details of the offer in the panels below

  • Click a grid column heading to sort the data by that column or click to the right of the heading to group or filter the list
    If you wish to export the list to Excel and/or print it, see next step

3. Print options

The Print option at the top right of the grid (shown above) allows the pipeline report to be exported in a variety of formats

  • Standard/Custom Excel Report
    Produces the report in Excel format

  • Offer/Pipeline Report
    Produces the report in a non-editable format

  • Applicant/Property Reports
    Takes the applicants/vendors involved in the pipeline and allows you to do a variety of actions (such as print a summary or detailed list, generate an email or export the list to Excel)