Importing room detail from clipboard

This guide has been reviewed against our global client base and classed as relevant to all regions

The Rooms screen on a property record allows you to import room details into a property record in AgencyCloud from another source

This guide covers guidance for copying room details from Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word

1. General tips

To ensure details copy to AgencyCloud efficiently:

  • Do not use numbered or bulleted lists

  • Use short room names
    e.g. use Living room, rather than Extended Family Living / Dining Room

  • Use a consistent format for your text to be imported

2. Guidance for importing from Excel

Prepare your room detail text

  • Enter room names in column A

  • Enter room dimensions in column B

  • Enter room details in column C

  • If you do not have dimensions and/or detail, leave that cell blank
    As seen in the example for Entrance Hallway, Utility, Bathrooms etc

Click the icon below then, to see the file in Excel, click the Download icon

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3. Guidance for importing from Word

Prepare your room detail text

  • If your room has dimensions, enter all detail in one block/paragraph
    As shown in the example for such rooms as Lounge, Kitchen Diner, Master Bedroom etc

  • Ensure you press enter to separate details of each room

  • If your room does not have dimensions, press enter (or shift & enter) to separate the room name and detail
    As shown in the example for Entrance Hallway, Utility & Bathrooms

  • If you want to include a room name with no dimensions or detail - enter the name, press enter then enter details for the next room on the next line
    As shown in the example for Landing

Click the icon below then, to see the file in Word, click the Download icon

  • See next step


4. Copy room detail

  • From the Word or Excel file, select the text to import

  • Right-click over it and select Copy

  • Press Control & C on your keyboard
    The room details are now copied to the clipboard

5. Import into Rooms screen

In AgencyCloud, open the relevant property record:

  • Click Rooms

  • Click Import from Clipboard
    (top right)

  • Click Yes to import



6. Rooms imported

All copied text will be displayed in the Rooms screen

  • Selecting each room will show Dimensions & Descriptions that were also copied on right

  • You can now use other features of the Rooms screen to add extra detail, see next step

7. Add extra detail

  • Click Make Summary to create a summary of the accommodation details entered, or type your own summary in this panel

    The summary is usually used as 'key features' when uploading to property portals

  • Add images for specific rooms by selecting room and clicking the Picture link to select from the list of previously added images for this property

For more information on adding room detail, see step 7 of this guide: Preparing a property for marketing

8. Save room detail

  • Click Save icon (top right)