Override how long a holding deposit can be held for at tenancy level & view overdue holding deposits on Organiser

This guide has been reviewed against our global client base and classed as relevant to all regions

When using holding deposit functionality - from 12.151+ some new functionality is available:

  • the number of days that a holding deposit can be held for before an alert is triggered can be set via system configuration - this can now be overridden at tenancy level

  • holding deposits that have been held too long can be identified on the Property Management panel of the Organiser

For more information on holding deposit functionality, click here

1. Access holding deposit details

From tenancy

  • Click Financial & Renewals

  • Beside Holding deposit - Held, click link
    Holding Deposit Details screen is shown, see step 2

2. Override default warn days

  • Warn days displays the current setting and whether this is the default

When warn days are set to default:

  • Click link beside Warn days and select Override default

  • Enter required number of days & click Accept
    Avoid setting to 0, as this disables the warning feature

Warn days are changed for this tenancy only

3. Edit warn days/reset to default

  • Click link beside Warn days

  • Click Edit to display the screen above OR click Reset to default
    In this example, this will be set to 15 days again



4. Property Management panel on Organiser

Details of holding deposits held too long can be seen on the Organiser Property Management panel (see 4b) - this option first needs to be enabled via panel setup (see 4a)

a. Add option to panel

From Property Management panel:

  • Hover over panel header and click cog icon (on right)

  • In Pick categories to display section, scroll to bottom and tick Holding deposits held too long

  • Click tick in panel header to save panel setup

  • Details of Holding deposits held too long will be displayed at the bottom of the Property Management panel

b. View holding deposits held too long

From Property Management panel:

  • Click Holding deposits held too long
    A list of all properties that are currently on or over the number of warning days will be displayed

  • Click any entry in the list to view the tenancy