Reapit AgencyCloud 12.152 release notes

This page outlines the latest additions and enhancements to Reapit AgencyCloud for version 12.152

Check which version you are using to see which features are available to you
(current version number displayed at the bottom of the main menu bar in AgencyCloud)


What's new

New UI round-up: v12.152

Sales & lettings/rentals content

Add a property alert

Add an applicant alert

Alerts shown in grids on Organiser & Power Reports

Tenant admin fee VAT option

Periodic tenancy reason - configuration option

Safety certificate due to expire linked to works order

Attached checklist documents available in letters screen

Accounts content**

No accounts additions in this release


Configuration options are available to Enterprise customers only
* Only applies to users of Client Accounts (UK), Sales Trust Accounts or Property Management Accounts (APAC)

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