Add a property alert

This guide has been reviewed against our global client base and classed as relevant to all regions

An alert can be created on a property record - this alert displays on the property Activity Feed and the associated contact record - for lettings properties, it also displays on the landlord record and any works orders for the property

AgencyCloud 12.152+ also allows applicant alerts to be added:

Pre-Agency Cloud 12.152, alerts can also be created from a contact record & a tenancy record, see guides:

One property alert can be added
A property alert is added in addition to any other types of alert currently in place

1. Create property alert

Open the property record where the alert is to be added

From Activity Feed panel:

  • Click and select Create property alert

  • Enter alert text

  • Click the cross (top right corner) to save & close the alert

  • A prompt will be displayed - click Yes

2. View alert

  • Alerts are displayed at the top of the property Activity Feed

    For lettings properties, the alert is also displayed on the property’s landlord record & works orders, see step 3

    The alert will stay in place until it is updated or cleared, see step 4


3. Property alert on landlord record & works orders

The alert is also displayed on:

  • the property’s landlord record

  • any works orders for the property

Alert links allow you to navigate to the associated property record

4. Edit/clear alert

From the property alert:

  • Right-click alert for options to Edit alert or Clear alert

    • Edit alert
      Alert text window is displayed, update alert and close window

    • Clear alert
      Prompt is displayed, click Yes to clear

Where configured, alert changes can be added to the Activity Feed, click here for more information