Store mortgage offer expiry date

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An applicant’s mortgage offer expiry date can be stored in the sales progress screen and reported on

This provides the ability to keep track of potential issues when managing pipelines in order to progress sales transactions

This guide covers:

Enter the mortgage offer expiry date

1. Access sales progress screen

From property Offers screen:

  • Click Sales Progress

2. Log mortgage offer received plus its expiry date

When the mortgage offer has been received - when using version 12.177+

  • Click the Mortgage & Additional Survey tab

  • Tick box to the right of Offer

  • Enter offer Received date and, beside exp, enter mortgage offer expiry date

    Mortgage offer info.png

The mortgage offer expiry date can be set when using the Advanced Sales Progression screen
(as shown above/below)

Pre-version 12.177

Follow the instructions in the section above - except no need to click the Mortgage & Additional Survey tab to enter the mortgage offer dates

Report on mortgage offer expiry dates

1. Access report criteria

From Reports on main menu:

  • Click Power Reports

  • Select Offer Report for Sales

  • A Mortgage offer expiry option is available

2. Example report

For example, this report will return offers where the buyer’s mortgage offer is due to expire in the next 4 weeks for sales properties in the user’s office that have the status of Sold STC - Available/Unavailable

3. View mortgage offer expiry information in offer report results grid

When running an Offer report, the mortgage offer expiry date can be shown in the report results grid - but first needs to be added and saved to the grid, as follows:

  • Right-click over the column headings, click Pick columns and select Mortgage Offer Expiry

  • The new column will be added to the far right side of the grid - click and drag the column heading to the desired position

  • Right-click over the column headings again and click Save grid layout

  • Grid functions can be used to sort or filter the report results by mortgage offer expiry

    • To sort the list, click the column heading

    • To filter, click to the right of the column heading (to view filter icon - shown above) and enter dates to filter by

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