Store QR code image types on a property

This guide has been reviewed against our global client base and classed as relevant to all regions

An image can be added to a property and marked with the image type of QR code

This allows QR code images to be stored for use on window cards/brochures

QR code image types are not sent to any property portals (i.e. Rightmove, etc.)

1. Add image and mark as QR code

From property pictures (bottom left):

  • Add QR code image as a picture (as usual)

  • Click image type link (which will default to Picture) and select Mark as QR Code

2. Add QR code image to window cards/brochures

In order to include the QR code in your marketing materials, the QR code merge code is required, which is: <QR>

For more information on templates and merge codes, click here: