Report on properties with QR codes uploaded

This guide has been reviewed against our global client base and classed as relevant to all regions

From AgencyCloud 12.164+, properties that do/don’t have a QR code stored can be reported on

The ability to store QR code images on property records was introduced in AgencyCloud 12.162, as outlined here:

From Power Reports:

  • Select Property Report type and select Sales or Lettings
    Select any required criteria, such as Office, Status, etc.

  • From Linked Records section, select Pictures (may need to click Show more)

  • Click Picture Type and select QR Code
    Click Property has pictures to change the report to Property does not have pictures - this will return properties that do not have a QR code stored on the property

This example report will return all properties that are For Sale - Available in the user’s office that have a QR code stored