Reapit version 12.166 release notes

This page outlines the latest additions and enhancements to Reapit version 12.166

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System performance update to negotiator transfer tool

A performance related enhancement has been applied to the process of transferring records from one negotiator/user to another via the negotiator transfer tool - this is in relation to the diary entries count and results in a much faster processing time, especially on large databases where many records exist
For more information on the negotiator transfer tool, see:

New UI round-up: v12.166

Select multiple items in Power Report criteria menu - enhancement

Select multiple offices & negotiators/users in Organiser panel setup menu - enhancement

Use contact record to add journal entries for individual roles

Two types of Primary ID can be entered on an ID Check - configuration option

Sales & lettings/rentals content

Supplier invoice document preview option

Accounts content*

No accounts additions in this release

Block management content**

No block management additions in this release


Configuration options are available to Enterprise customers only
* Only applies to users of Client Accounts (UK), Sales Trust Accounts or Property Management Accounts (APAC)
** Only applies to users of Block Management

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