Advanced custom sales progress milestones - configuration option

This guide has been reviewed against our global client base and classed as relevant to all regions

Available from version 12.178

Configurable option for Enterprise customers
To request this option to be enabled on your system, click here to contact Reapit Support
When contacting Reapit Support, include the milestone types you wish to be added and how you would like each one to be configured (as outlined below)

If you have access to configuration screens, you can set this up yourself via the Setup Checks/Agreements screen, as outlined here:

Advanced custom sales progress milestones can be added to the sales progress screen - this new milestone functionality provides a more advanced & customised checklist functionality, similar to other checklists available across the system

Configuration options

Advanced custom sales progress milestone functionality allows you to tailor your sales progression milestones to suit your business processes - configuration options include being able to choose:

  • milestone title/name

  • whether a ‘required by’ date is needed

  • whether a document is required for the milestone

  • the response options for each milestone (e.g. sent, received)

  • which response options are classed as ‘milestone completed’

  • whether the milestone needs to be complete before the property exchanges

  • whether the user can make changes to the milestone title and/or remove it

1. Access the sales progress screen

From the property screen:

  • Click Offers and select the accepted offer

  • From the Options panel, click Sales Progress

    Offer screen with Sales Progress highlighted.png

2. Access advanced custom milestones

From Sales Progress screen:

  • The advanced custom Milestones are shown by default

    Milestones - sales progress.png

2a. Legacy Milestones

The Legacy Milestones tab is displayed if previous/original milestone options had been entered before the advanced custom milestones were implemented on your system

3. Advanced custom milestone options

The milestone and associated options offered are dependent on configuration, see note at the bottom of this section

  • Milestone title
    When a red cross is shown to the right of the milestone, the milestone title can be changed - clicking the red cross also allows the milestone to be removed
    Where no red cross displayed, the milestone cannot be edited or removed, as set up in configuration

  • Milestone status
    Status options offered are dependent on configuration
    When a document is required in order to complete a milestone, any status classed as a completion status will not be displayed (e.g. Received, Approved)

  • Milestone ‘required by’ date
    Where configured, a date is shown and allows a ‘required by’ date to be identified for the milestone

  • Document required
    When a document icon is displayed (to the right of the milestone) a document needs to be uploaded before the milestone can be marked as completed
    Documents are uploaded via the paperclip icon to the right of the milestone

  • Milestone required by exchange
    When an exclamation mark icon is displayed (to the right of the milestone), the milestone must be completed before the property can be set to Exchanged status - this has been applied to all milestones shown below
    When a milestone is considered ‘complete’ is dependent on configuration

  • Paperclip icon
    Click this icon to upload documents or view documents already uploaded for the selected milestone

4. Completing milestones

When milestones are marked as completed, this is indicated on screen
Status options that determine the milestone being complete is dependent on configuration