Report on advanced custom sales progress milestones

This guide has been reviewed against our global client base and classed as relevant to all regions

Available from version 12.179

Advanced custom milestones can be reported on and milestone related reports can be added to panels on the Organiser

Advanced custom milestone functionality was launched in version 12.178, as outlined here:

1. Report on milestones

As milestones are found within the offers screen, they are reported on via an offer report - they can also be reported on via a property report when an offer report has been added to it as a sub-report/linked record

From main menu:

  • Click Reports then Power Reports and select report type of Offer Report
    Or, from a Property Report for Sales, add property report criteria then, from the Linked Records section, select Offers as a sub-report

  • Choose criteria required for the offer report (and the property report, where applicable)

  • From Linked Records, select Milestones

    Offer report with Milestone criteria option.png
  • Milestone criteria options can then be selected for the report

    Offer report - Milestone criteria options.png

Options are:

  • Amended - to filter report on when a milestone was last amended - enter date/date range

  • Name - enter text (via free-text field) to filter report by milestone name
    To filter by selecting a milestone name from a list use Predefined name option instead, see below

  • Predefined name - select milestone name(s) from list to filter by

  • Required by date - to filter by milestones that have been set as ‘required by’ - enter date/date range

  • Required for exchange - choose True to only include milestones in the report that are required before a property can be set to Exchanged status (set to False when to exclude these milestones)

  • Status - to filter report by specific milestone status or statuses - select required status options from list

2. Example report

This report returns all properties in the London office that are currently SSTC/Under Offer - Available or Unavailable where Simon Crisp is the sales progressor, where the property has an accepted offer, is set to exchange in the next 4 weeks and has active milestones that are required to be completed before exchange

3. Include default milestones

An option to Include default milestones is available - when enabled, and when reporting using name criteria, properties/offers will be returned in the report where milestones exist but have not yet been started
When this option is not enabled, only properties/offers with milestones where progress has been initiated will be included in the report results

From milestone criteria option:

  • Build report criteria including name criteria
    This example report will returns all properties in the Bedford office that are currently SSTC/Under Offer - Available or Unavailable where the property has an accepted offer, the milestone name includes ‘searches’ and those milestones are required to be completed before exchange

  • Click Offers has milestones and select Include default milestones

4. Add milestone related information in offer report grids

After running an offer report, from the report results grid:

  • Right-click over the column headings, click Pick columns and select Incomplete milestones

  • The new column is added to the far right side of the grid - click and drag the column heading to the desired position

  • Right-click over the column headings again and click Save grid layout
    If you have already saved the report criteria - to save to the default property report grid, select Save as default layout or, to save the grid just for this report, select Save grid to report

  • The column will show when using this type of grid again - grid functions can be used to sort or filter the list

    • To sort the list, click the column heading

    • To filter the list, click to the right of the column heading to view filter icon and use the search field to filter by content