Store required property information for Material Information Parts A, B & C

This guide has been reviewed against our global client base and classed as relevant to UK only

On 30th November 2023, the National Trading Standards Estate and Lettings Team (NTSELAT) launched Material Information Parts B and C - this guidance sits alongside the Part A updates in May 2022

The property record in Reapit allows you to store all the information required for Material Information Parts A, B & C - this information can then be fed from the Reapit system to the relevant property portals

Click a link below to view which fields in Reapit are used for:

Which portals the information is fed to (and when this will happen) is dependent on when the relevant configuration is ready to be implemented for each of the individual property portals

Material Information Part A

All information required to be uploaded to portals for Material Information Part A, is available on the property record in Reapit

Once set in Reapit, the required information can then be automatically sent to the relevant property portal(s) where the portal supports that field

  • Council tax band (set via property marketing screen)

    Council tax field in marketing.png

Sales property specific

  1. Price

    Price field.png
  2. Tenure (set via property Attributes tab)
    When property is Freehold, Leasehold or Commonhold

  3. When tenure is set to Leasehold:

    • Leasehold Expires date

    • From Charges tab (in property attributes)
      Service Charge (per annum), Service charge Review Date, Ground Rent (per annum),
      Ground Rent Review Date and Ground Rent Review Frequency

  4. Disposal - when set to Shared Ownership, from Details

    • Shared Percentage

    • Rent Payable on remaining share

Lettings property specific

  1. Rent

  2. Deposit required amount (set via Rent and Commission Details)

Material Information Parts B & C

  • Property type, room types & room counts

    • Property type and number of rooms should be completed in property attributes (shown below)

    • Rooms details should be completed via the Rooms screen and/or an accurate floorplan added

  • Construction type - should be added to property description and relevant images included

  • Parking (set via property Attributes tab)
    Available from version 12.182

  • From Utilities & Additional Information tab (in property attributes)
    All applicable options should be completed relating to the property’s utilities, including broadband and mobile signal information, accessibility, rights & restrictions, flood & erosion risk
    Available from version 12.181 (and updated to the version shown below from version 12.185)