Further updates to utilities & additional property information in property attribute screen (12.185)

This guide has been reviewed against our global client base and classed as relevant to all regions

Available from version 12.185

Following updates carried out in version 12.181 to allow additional property information to be logged via a new tab on the property attributes screen titled 'Utilities & Additional Information', further enhancements have been made to the layout of this information to make it easier to follow and complete

From property (sales or lettings):

  • In Attributes panel, click edit (pencil) icon

    Attributes panel - edit icon.png
  • Click Utilities & Additional Information tab

    Utilities tab.png
  • The previous lists of options for Heating & Broadband are now presented as drop-down menus

  • Sewerage, Main Heating and Mobile Signal Information have been moved within the screen to new, more logical, positions

  • Aside from a duplicate option for underfloor heating being removed, the information available in this screen has not changed since it was added in version 12.181

If you had previously ticked the Under Floor option on any of your properties, this option has now been removed and Underfloor Heating will be ticked instead