Communication preferences - configuration option

This guide has been reviewed against our global client base and classed as relevant to the all regions

A configuration option is available which, when enabled, allows you to record a contact's communication preferences with regards to how they are happy to be contacted by you, i.e. email, letter, phone, SMS

Each communication method that your client is happy for you to use is indicated by a ticked check box

From version 12.126+, when a preference is not ticked, emailing, texting or generating a letter (individually or in bulk) will either be disallowed or indicated on screen to advise that the method of communication is not preferred - when creating phone out lists via reporting, clients opting out of phone contact can be identified

To enable this configuration option, click here to contact Reapit Support

1. Managing communication preferences

From the contact details area of a record:

  • Click the Manage Communication Preferences icon - to the right of Add another
    By default, all preferences will be ticked

  • Un-tick the methods of communication that the current contact does not want you to use
    and click Accept

Communication Preferences are written to the contact record and are therefore shared across all roles* on the system - meaning they only need to be set in one place
* a role refers to applicant, tenant, vendor, landlord, etc

2. Impact on contact record

Un-ticking any of the above preferences is indicated on screen by a change of contact icon colour

  • When email is un-ticked, the envelope icon to the right will be red

  • When SMS OR phone is un-ticked, the phone icon to the right will be amber

  • If both SMS and phone are un-ticked, the phone icon to the right will be red

  • If Letter is un-ticked, the Letters button will be displayed in red

Hovering over an amber/red icon will display a message to indicate that the selected form of communication is not preferred

3. Impact when producing communications
Available from version 12.126+

When generating letters, emails or text messages, clients who have opted out of such communication will be removed from bulk communications

For example, when matching and emailing match results

From the match list:

  • Click Report and E-mail
    If any of the matched applicants have opted out of being emailed, a message will be displayed

  • Click View Details to get a list of the applicants who won't receive the email

4. Reporting (available from version 12.126)

When generating a contact report via Power Reports, options to view the communication preference of the returned contacts is available

From the Power Reports screen:

  • Select Contact Report as the report type

  • From the contact report criteria, options are available to report on:

    • Email preference

    • Letter preference

    • Phone preference

    • SMS preference

  • When selecting any of the above options, select:

    • is true to show clients who are happy to be contacted using that method

    • is false to show clients who are not happy to be contacted using that method
      Or you can run the report without specifying a preference and instead view the preference via the results grid, see 4a

4a. Add communication preference information to the contact report grid

After running a Contact Report, from the results grid:

  • Right-click over the grid headings, select Pick columns and click More

  • Select each communication preference to view in the grid (Email, SMS, Phone, Letter Preference) and click Accept
    Communication preferences are shown in the contact report grid

5. Report example

This example report will return all active hot applicants registered in your office who have indicated they are happy to be contacted by phone