Using the sales progress screen

This guide has been reviewed against our global client base and classed as relevant to all regions

This page outlines how to use the sales progress screen

The following sections are covered:

Updating the sales progress screen also updates details shown on the chain screen

See this guide for more information:

Sales progress screen (from version 12.177+)

Sales progress screen overview

1. Access sales progress screen

From the property screen:

  • Click Offers and select the accepted offer

  • From the Options panel, click Sales Progress

2. Sales progress screen overview

  • Vendor, buyer details are shown across the top of the screen

  • Solicitor and main Staff Member contact details are shown below

  • Below the contact details - progress milestones are shown on the first tab & mortgage and survey information on the second tab

  • The Activity Feed - where journal entries, tasks and call reminders are created - is shown on the right

If your screen is less detailed than this, click here for more information

Main screen.png

All sections in the sales progress screen are covered in more detail below

Vendor, buyer & solicitor information

1. Vendor & buyer information

  • Vendor and Buyer details are shown at the top of the screen with their contact details below
    Usual shortcut icons can be used to email or call/text the number (where configured)

  • Click links to open the vendor/applicant records

2. Select solicitor staff information for solicitor

Where staff members have been entered on the company record:

  • The main Staff Member name for the selected solicitor is displayed and their direct contact details are shown underneath

    • The Staff Member name shown is dependent on which person has been highlighted on the company record when saving - this action saves the staff member as the main point of contact for all correspondence
      If a staff member was not highlighted as outlined above, the member of staff who has been identified as the main contact on the company record will be shown instead (where applicable)

  • Two forms of contact for the staff member are shown by default, where entered (e.g. mobile & email)
    If a staff member does not have any contact details entered, the main company contact details will be shown instead

  • Usual shortcut icons can be used to email or call/text the number (where configured)

  • The solicitor company record can be viewed by clicking the company name

3. Change staff member

To change to another staff member:

  • Click the current Staff Member name and select Change selected staff member

  • All staff members entered on the solicitor record are shown

  • Clicking another name will show their name and contact details on the solicitor screen

4. View company details on the sales progress screen

If you no longer want to see a particular staff member on the sales progress screen, the company details can be shown instead

From the Staff Member field:

  • Click the current Staff Member name and select Clear staff member

  • The Staff Member name is removed and the company contact details shown instead

To reinstate a staff member:

  • Click Select and pick from the staff list

5. To add a new staff member

From sales progress screen:

  • Click the solicitor company name to access the company record

  • Use the Staff panel on the company record to add their details

  • To make the new staff member the point of contact, return to the sales progress screen and select them as the Staff Member

Or, from the company record:

  • Select the main contact name in the Staff panel then click the tick (top right) to save and close the company record

  • The selected staff member will be shown on the sales progress screen

Enter progress milestones plus mortgage & survey information

1. Milestones

From sales progress screen:

  • Click Milestones tab

  • Tick the box beside an activity to log as done
    The current day’s date will be shown to the left - click to change, as required

2. Add mortgage & survey details

From sales progress screen:

  • Click Mortgage & Additional Survey tab

  • Enter details for the mortgage, survey and additional survey

  • Hover over a company name (e.g. lender) to view the main company contact name/details
    If this isn’t shown, access the company record and, in the Staff panel, click the required staff member name to select them

When the mortgage offer has been received:

  • Tick the box beside Offer

  • Options to log the date of this action plus when the mortgage offer expires are available
    Reports can be run on the mortgage offer expiry date, see this guide for more information:

Activity Feed - showing journal entries, tasks & call reminders

From Activity Feed:

  • Click and select Create journal entry

  • Enter the Sales Progress Note and click Accept
    The note will be shown on screen with user details & date added (as shown above)

Sales progress screen pre-version 12.177

Information in the above section still stands except:

  • all milestones plus mortgage and survey information is shown on the same screen (no tabs)

  • more limited view of solicitor information with no staff member details/direct contact information - to access this, click the solicitor company name

Solicitor staff contact

To check who is set as the solicitor main contact:

  • Hover over the Solicitor link - the selected staff member details are shown in a tooltip

To set-up/change the solicitor main contact - from the company record

  • In the Staff panel, select the contact you are dealing with
    Or click to enter their details, then click to select them (as shown below)

  • Click Accept (tick button, top right)

Alternative sales progress screen

An alternative (more limited) Sales Progress screen is shown below

If your screen looks like this, you can still follow the instructions in this guide - but not all features/functions outlined will be available to you