Archive applicants in bulk via Power Report - configuration option

This guide has been reviewed against our global client base and classed as relevant to all regions

Available from version 12.175

Configurable option for Enterprise customers
To request this option to be enabled on your system, click here to contact Reapit Support

A configuration option is available which allows authorised users to archive applicants in bulk via Power Reports, meaning that housekeeping activities can be carried out in-house without needing to involve Reapit Support

Applicants are bulk archived by running an applicant Power Report to generate a list - this list can then be filtered before the archive process is instigated - in some instances, applicants will not be able to be archived, prompts are displayed to explain why this is the case

1. Run applicant Power Report

From main menu:

  • Click Reports and select Power Reports

  • Select Applicant Report for Sales or Lettings

  • Build an applicant report which will generate a list of applicants that you would want to archive

  • Click Run Report (bottom right) to generate a list of applicants

Example report

This criteria will return sales applicants, registered at the user’s office, that have not viewed a property since 01/09/2023
i.e. no viewing appointment has been created for them since the day after the specified date

2. Review list & filter applicants to be kept

The applicant report results list is displayed in a grid, as usual

  • An Archive button is available (top right)

If there are any applicants in the list that you do not want to archive:

  • Select their entry in the list and press delete on your keyboard (or x or left / right arrow keys) to exclude them from the bulk archive process

3. Run bulk archive

From the report results screen:

  • Click Archive

  • A prompt will be displayed to confirm how many of the selected applicants can be archived
    If the prompt indicates that one or more applicants will be skipped from the archive process, see step 4

  • When applicable, click Yes to proceed with the bulk archive process

  • A prompt will be displayed to confirm the number of applicants that have been archived

4. Skipped applicants - not able to archive

If the prompt indicates that one or more applicants will be skipped from the archive process:

  • Click View Details to view the reason
    A new window will be displayed listing each applicant and the reason why they cannot be archived

5. Archive information on applicant journal

When an applicant has been archived in bulk, a note is logged in the applicant activity feed and also the journal, including who carried out the bulk archive routine and when

  • From applicant Activity Feed:

  • From applicant journal, Detail Change section: