Limit referrals to specific offices

This guide has been reviewed against our global client base and classed as relevant to all regions

Available from version 12.183

If you have access to configuration screens, you can set this up yourself via the Setup Referrals screen, as outlined here:

Enterprise customers can request configuration via Reapit Support
To request this option to be enabled on your system, click here to contact Reapit Support
When contacting Reapit Support, include which referrals you want to limit to which office(s)

When using referral functionality, it is possible to limit a referral so that it is only available to be used for properties/applicants/contacts from a specific office or offices

This ensures that only relevant referral options are shown in the Referrals/Leads list - which is particularly useful for franchise set-ups and businesses covering a large geographical area

From main menu:

  • Click Configuration and select Setup Referrals/Leads
    If you have not used this screen before, or you have not got access to it, ensure you read the information in the guide titled Referrals - how to add & edit (see link above)

  • Select the relevant referral on the left side of the screen

  • In Applicable Offices (bottom right), select the office(s) this referral is applicable to
    When field is blank, the referral is available to all offices

    Setup referrals - applicable offices field.png