Number of additional flags on marketing screen increased - configuration option

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Available from version 12.183

Configurable option for Enterprise customers
To request this option to be enabled on your system, click here to contact Reapit Support
Ensure the title of the additional flag to be used is included as well as the intended location of the flag within the marketing screen (i.e. should it be displayed in the sale board, internet, additional or extra descriptions panel), plus the desired effect of ticking the additional flag on a property record

The property marketing screen can be configured to use up to six additional flags - prior to this release the maximum was four

Additional flag functionality on the marketing screen allows specific information to be identified as being applicable to the selected property via a tick box

As well as a specific label to be used for the additional flag, the location of it in the marketing screen can also be chosen, allowing the flag to be displayed in the sale board, internet, additional or extra descriptions panel within the screen

The action taken when a property has an additional flag box ticked depends on configuration, it might affect whether the property is uploaded to a website/portal or how it is uploaded - it may also affect what is included on property details

From property:

  • Click Marketing

    what3words - marketing button.png
  • In this example, six additional flags have been added to the property marketing screen via configuration
    Prior to this release, just four additional flags could be added

    Marketing - 6 additional flags added.png
  • If the flag label does not display in full, hover over it to display the full label in a tooltip