Reapit version 12.168 release notes

This page outlines the latest additions and enhancements to Reapit version 12.168

Check which version you are using to see which features are available to you
(current version number displayed at the bottom of the main menu bar)

General / system performance

System performance

Lettings/accounts clients with the configuration option of store rent invoice period start and end dates enabled, will see an improvement in the speed of loading the Chase Arrears screen from this release

Self-service configuration screen updates

Access to internet registration configuration

Identify office location on map via configuration

General updates

Maximum length of company name increased

Restrict company journal/activity feed entries

Sales & lettings/rentals content

Estimated monthly rental & gross yield on sales property

Set review date on an accepted offer to assist sales progression

Continue using AgencyCloud when exporting to Excel

Sending letters as PDF via email - update to allow pre-saved letter to be attached

Option to include default/predefined checks when running tenancy check report

Update to tenancy break clause notice & active from functionality

Invoice grid updates

Accounts content*

No accounts additions in this release

Block management content**

No block management additions in this release


Configuration options are available to Enterprise customers only
* Only applies to users of Client Accounts (UK), Sales Trust Accounts or Property Management Accounts (APAC)
** Only applies to users of Block Management

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