Provide AI with additional prompts when generating new property descriptions

This guide has been reviewed against our global client base and classed as relevant to all regions

Available from version 12.177 (not available on UAT/test installations)

When generating property descriptions using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, additional prompts can be added to tailor the response from the AI

This enhanced functionality allows you to suggest specific information about the property to be included (that might not be covered by the standard property attributes) - it also allows prompts about the length and style of the descriptions to be suggested

The ability to use AI for property descriptions was introduced in version 12.173, as outlined here:

1. Generate AI descriptions

From AI Descriptions screen:

  • Prepare the information required for the brief and/or long description and click Generate (top left)

    AI screen - fields greyed out.png

2. Provide additional prompts to the AI

From AI Descriptions screen:

  • The newly generated descriptions are displayed bottom right

    AI screen - ready to add additional prompts.png
  • Use the Additional prompts field to enter suggestions for the AI
    For example: Include that the flat is 1 mile from the train station

  • Use the Description options to choose which descriptions should include these prompts
    For example, to apply it to both descriptions, leave set to Both and click Generate
    Or, to only apply it to the brief description, select Brief then click Generate

  • Click Generate
    Information about proximity to the train station is now included in both descriptions

3. How additional prompts can be used

The additional prompts functionality allows suggestions for property features to be made, it can also be used to adjust the style and length of descriptions - see examples below

Include company information in the description

  • In Additional prompts field, type: Write this for <x> company, <x> office

  • In Description, select Both and click Generate
    The company name and office is now mentioned in both descriptions

Suggest the brief description is shortened

  • In Additional prompts field, type: Make this description shorter

  • In Description, select Brief and click Generate
    Brief description is shortened (compare to above screen)

4. Add descriptions to property record

From AI Descriptions screen:

  • Click Accept (top left), then click OK

5. When AI property descriptions have already been entered

From AI Descriptions screen:

  • The current Brief and/or Long Description fields are displayed and greyed out
    The Additional prompts field is also greyed out

  • Prepare the information required for the new descriptions required (as usual)

  • Click Generate

  • The new descriptions are displayed and the Additional prompts field is now available to use