Checking for duplicate contacts or companies

This guide has been reviewed against our global client base and classed as relevant to all regions

A report is available which allows you to view duplicate contact records and take action to remove them

The ability to run this report needs to be enabled by Reapit Support - your key contact can click here to request this

For advice on adding contacts, contact management and best practice, click here:

1. Access the report

From the main menu:

  • Click your name/office

  • Click Tools

  • Select View Duplicate Contacts

2. Duplicate contacts / companies report screen

Select the criteria for the report:

  • Scope: choose whether to search Contacts or Companies
    Can also tick +Archive to include archived records in the search

  • Office: select the required office(s) or leave blank to search all

  • Criteria: choose which area(s) of the contact record to search, options are Name, PhoneAddress
    More than one option can be chosen 

  • Strength: options are Weak, Moderate or Strong 
    The option chosen determines how close a match contacts/companies need to be to be considered a match, i.e. Weak means they have some similar data, whereas Strong is much stricter in what it would consider a match
    It is recommended that Strong is chosen to ensure a thorough check is carried out

  • Click Refresh to begin the check

A message will be displayed to indicate how many duplicates are being checked plus the current result and status of the check

3. Results & export option

  • The total number of Possible duplicates is shown top right, use the arrow buttons to navigate through each set of duplicates

  • Double-click an entry to view the contact record and make changes, as required

An option to export the results is now presented - click Export
All duplicates found will be displayed in a MS Excel spreadsheet