Use contact record to add journal entries for individual roles

This guide has been reviewed against our global client base and classed as relevant to all regions

The contact record can be used to add journal entries for any individual roles the contact has, i.e. vendor, landlord, applicant, tenant

This provides a shortcut to create a journal entry for any role - allowing all journal entries to be created without having to move away from the contact record

Prior to version 12.166, only journal entries for the contact could be entered on the contact record

1. Select role for journal entry

From contact record Activity Feed (top right):

  • Click and select Create journal entry - options to create journal entries for each of the contact’s roles are offered

  • Hovering over the role type displays basic details, e.g. address, tenancy status, applicant detail

In this example, the contact has one vendor, applicant and tenant role
The option displayed at the top (i.e. Mr Mark Young) allows a contact journal note to be added

2. Add journal entry for vendor/landlord/applicant/tenant

From the menu shown above:

  • Select the relevant role and address/tenancy status/applicant to add a note for

  • The Manual Journal Entry screen is displayed - enter the journal entry detail and click Accept

  • Update the next/last call dates (as usual), click Accept

3. Journal entry added

  • The journal entry is added to the contact record (with the property address it is for in brackets)

  • The journal entry is also added to the property record
    The Next call (and last call) dates will also be updated if this was selected (see previous step)

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