Archive (& unarchive) applicant or contact

This guide has been reviewed against our global client base and classed as relevant to all regions

This page explains how to archive an applicant or contact - once archived, an applicant/contact record can be viewed and can be retrieved from the archive

Click a link below for information on how to:

Being able to complete any of these processes depends on security permissions
If any of the options shown below are not available to you, or you need to delete an applicant or erase a contact, click here to contact Reapit Support

Archive & unarchive applicant

1. Archive applicant

In some circumstances, an applicant cannot be archived (for example, if they have a pending offer)
When this applies, a prompt will be displayed to inform why the archive cannot be carried out

From applicant:

  • Click the drop-down option beside Active and select Archive/delete applicant

    Archive applicant - menu option.png
  • Select Archive Applicant and click Accept
    To generate a printable summary of the applicant journal content, tick Print journal entries before clicking Accept

    Archive applicant - select option.png

2. Unarchive applicant

From applicant:

  • Click the icon beside Active and select Unarchive/delete applicant

  • Select Unarchive Applicant and click Accept

  • The applicant record is active again

Archive & unarchive contact

1. Archive contact

From contact record:

  • Click the drop-down option beside Status and select Archive

  • Click Yes

2. Unarchive contact

From contact:

  • Click the icon beside Status and select Unarchive

  • The contact record is active again