Running the User Access Report

This guide has been reviewed against our global client base and classed as relevant to all regions

The User Access Report lists all users and the number of times they've logged into Reapit each month - the report counts up to one login per day; multiple logins are not counted

Reapit licence fees are invoiced monthly in advance - the user numbers are reviewed quarterly and based on the usage over the previous 3 months - at that point, any starters or leavers that have been updated via Reapit Support will be added or removed - once reviewed, the user numbers are then fixed for the next 3 months

Within this quarterly period, leavers will not be credited nor starters invoiced, unless the increase in user numbers is greater than 20%, in line with your licence agreement

1. Accessing the report

From the main menu:

  • Click name/office, top left of the main menu

  • Click Tools and select User Access Report


2. Configuring the report

  • Exclude inactive users: click Yes

  • Split Full and Part Users: click No


3. Report

The report will be generated and displayed in Microsoft Excel