Logging an advert

This guide has been reviewed against our global client base and classed as relevant to all regions

Logging an advert can be done for individual or multiple properties

Both methods are covered below:

Logging an individual advert

1. Create advertising note

From the property record that you wish to log the advert for:

  • Click the Options menu

  • Select Create Advertising Note


2. Select publication

The publications list should be configured to match your company’s requirements

  • In Publications, select the publication type, ensure that the details displayed below are correct, then click Add

  • Select whether the advertisement type is to be recorded as Pre-booked or Advert placed, where needed enter the Advertisement size and Total cost details

  • Click Exit
    Adverts are logged in the property journal

Control & A also launches this screen

Logging multiple adverts

Prepare Advertising allows adverts to be prepared and saved for multiple properties

Advert details can also be logged in the property journal

1. Access prepare advertising

  • Click your name/office at the top of the main menu

  • Click Tools and select Prepare Advertising

    The Prepare Advertising wizard is launched, see next step

2. Select publication - step 1

  • Select the publication, click Next
    The publications list should be configured to match your company’s requirements

3. Select offices - step 2

  • Select marketing function - Sales or Lettings

  • Select office(s) (or Whole Company for all)

  • Click Next

4. Select properties - step 3

All properties with available status for the chosen office(s) will be displayed

  • Tick the box next to the properties that are to be advertised, click Next

  • Selecting the property record will display previous advertisement information and allow costs to be logged (bottom right)

  • Click the column headings to sort the properties, for example by date instructed

  • Options allows extra properties to be added to the list and also to remove some properties from view

5. Select template & function - step 4

Select a template and choose one of the function options to the right (outlined below)

  • Preview/Print opens the advertisement in a non-editable window

  • Edit in Word allows the advertisement to be edited and saved to your PC/network

  • E-mail opens a new email message with the advert attached in non-editable (HTML) format

  • E-mail from Word allows the advertisement to be edited and saved in a format suitable for emailing (the pictures will be embedded in the file rather than being linked to the document)

  • Tick Create log entries to record details of the advertisement in the selected property journals

  • Click Finish (which will be in place of the Next button) to complete the process