Can use drag & drop for files to be added to checklists

This guide has been reviewed against our global client base and classed as relevant to all regions

Available from version 12.183

When storing files on checklists, it is now possible to drag and drop a file to include it against a check

This covers the custom sales progress milestone checks (introduced in 12.178), plus all other checklists such as pre-instruction, re-let, pre-acceptance offer, pre & post tenancy, tenancy, renewal, certificate, supplier & management (for block management)

This update provides greater efficiency when storing documents required for checks

For more information on:

From checklist, for example - Pre-Instruction Checks:

  • Click and drag the required file over the relevant paperclip icon
    A greyed out icon indicates no document is currently stored

    Doc to be added to check.png
  • The Document Management screen will be displayed with the file automatically added

    Doc added.png
  • Usual document management options are available via a right-click, such as Rename and change Document type

  • Close the Document Management screen to return to the checklist
    The paperclip icon will be blue to indicate a document is stored for the check