Re-let checklist - configuration option

This guide has been reviewed against our global client base and classed as relevant to all regions

A configuration option is available which provides a re-let checklist on a lettings property when a tenancy ends and the property status is changed to available

On making a property available again, a specific re-let checklist is created - this checklist uses specific checks within the pre-instruction checklist and/or new re-let checks, as required and configured (for more information on pre-instruction checks, see these guides: )

This functionality helps to ensure that a property being re-let is compliant and ready to be marketed each time it is made available after initial instruction

To enable this configuration option, click here to contact Reapit Support

1. Make property available

From tenancy:

  • Beside tenancy Status, click Tenancy Current and select Tenancy finished/cancelled and click Yes to confirm, when prompted

  • Click to Yes to mark property as available
    This must be done in order to initiate creation of the re-let checklist

Or, if there’s a current tenancy and the property is to be made available again, ready to re-let

From property:

  • Click Status and change to Tenancy Current - Available

2. Create re-let checklist

To use the re-let checklist functionality, you must enter a re-let date & click Accept on the prompt below (clicking Cancel will prevent the re-let checklist from being created)

  • Enter re-let date and click Accept

  • Click Yes to create new re-let checklist - after clicking Yes, the old pre-instruction checklist for the property will be frozen and the new checklist used
    If you do not wish to create the new re-let checklist at this stage, click No and skip to step 2a

  • The new re-let checklist is displayed

  • The re-let checklist is accessed on the property record via the Pre-Instruction Checks button
    This button is shaded red to indicate it is incomplete

2a. Create new checklist later

If you chose not to create a re-let checklist when prompted (see previous step), this can be done when required

From property:

  • Hover over Pre-Instruction Checks button and right-click

  • Select Create new re-let checklist - when choosing this option, the old pre-instruction checklist for the property will be frozen and the new checklist used

  • The new re-let checklist is displayed

3. View previous checklists

An option to view previous checklists is available

From property:

  • Hover over Pre-Instruction Checks button and right-click

  • Select View archived
    pre-instruction checks

    Dates of previous checklists will be displayed in a list

  • Select required checklist and click Accept

    Previous checklists are read-only & cannot be changed

4. Add incomplete re-let checks on Organiser

Incomplete re-let checks can be flagged on the Organiser, this needs to be added to the panel and saved first

From Organiser:

  • In the Overview or To-do List panel (for example) hover over panel header and click cog icon

  • Tick Re-let checks incomplete

  • Click tick (top right) to save Panel Setup

    See next step



5. Incomplete re-let checks flagged on the Organiser

From Organiser:

  • Click Re-let checks incomplete

    A list of properties is displayed including information on how many checks are incomplete for each one

  • Click the entry to view the property

6. Reporting

From Reports on main menu:

  • Click Power Reports

  • Select Property Report for Lettings

  • A Re-let date option is available

7. Example report

For example, this report will return lettings properties where the logged in user is the Property Manager that have a re-let date after 01/09/2022
Other possible criteria options are available and displayed below

8. Add pre-instruction checks option to report

When reporting on pre-instruction checks, the option to include checks with/without an Archive Date is available

From reporting screen shown in step 6:

  • Click Pre-Instruction Checks (from Linked Records section)

  • Click Archive Date

  • To return just current checks, set to empty

  • To return archived/previous checklists: set a date filter e.g. select after then enter date