Display what3words location on property marketing

This guide has been reviewed against our global client base and classed as relevant to all regions

Available from version 12.183 (not available on UAT/test installations)

A property’s what3words location can be identified, stored on the property record and used on property marketing materials

Using the what3words location on a property can provide a more accurate location - particularly useful for rural areas and specific building entrances

This option is enabled by default - although Enterprise customers can request for this to be disabled via configuration
To request this option to be disabled on your system, click here to contact Reapit Support

While the what3words functionality is enabled by default, it requires users to logon using
Reapit Connect and is not available for users with a reapit.com email address as their user name

1. Add what3words location to property

The what3words location is created from the Lat/Long coordinates stored on the property record
All properties have the Lat/Long coordinates stored on the property marketing screen - they may also be displayed on the property record (as shown in the example below)

From property:

  • Click Marketing

    what3words - marketing button.png
  • To the right of the what3words field, click Lookup
    If the what3words field is not displayed, this indicates that the functionality is not enabled or not available on your system - see configuration information at the top of this guide

    what3words - field empty.png
  • The what3words reference is added

2. Update what3words location manually

It is possible to enter a specific what3words location reference manually

From property marketing:

  • Remove the current what3words location, where applicable
    Select and press delete on keyboard to remove

  • In what3words, type the new location reference

3. Include what3words location on property details

To include the what3words location on any property marketing materials, a merge code is needed

The merge code to use is: <Property.What3Words>