Duplicating a property

This guide has been reviewed against our global client base and classed as relevant to all regions

Property duplication can be used for various reasons and is an easy way to copy the information from one record to another, rather than having to manually re-add the details

If you need to dual market a property (i.e. market as both sales and lettings) or you wish to change a sales property to a lettings property and vice versa, you might not need to create a duplicate property record, click this link for more information:

1. Access duplicate options

From property record:

  • Click the ellipsis button (...)

  • Select Duplicate property/vendor - various options are offered, see step 2

2. Duplicate property/vendor options explained

  • General Duplicate
    Duplicates the property record exactly as it is, but without journal/contact notes

  • Lettings / Sales Duplicate (available from version 12.162+)
    Allows a sales property to be duplicated as a lettings property (and vice versa) without having to dual market the property first, click here for more information:

  • Multiple Lots
    Creates a development record from the property record

  • Previous/Subsequent Sale
    Duplicates the property without the Market Appraisal Date and pulls through the previous buyer as the vendor (if selected when prompted)
    From version 12.179+, all buyers can be transferred through to the duplicated property as vendors (not just the main buyer), as outlined here:

  • For Marketing
    Like a General Duplicate, this option also duplicates the property record exactly as is without journal/contact notes - but it is marked as Duplicated for Marketing in the journal

  • As Applicant
    A new applicant record is created with the vendor/landlord details copied across

Duplicating a property creates a new unique reference number for the property, therefore creating a brand new property record

3. Confirmation prompt

When choosing most of the duplicate options, you will be presented with this prompt:

  • Choose Yes / No as appropriate