Reapit version 12.165 release notes

This page outlines the latest additions and enhancements to Reapit version 12.165

Check which version you are using to see which features are available to you
(current version number displayed at the bottom of the main menu bar)


New UI round-up: v12.165

ID check updates (12.165)

Organiser grid update (12.165)

Sales & lettings/rentals content

Delete multiple images/pictures on a property record

Remove internet registrations (portal leads) in bulk - configuration option

Additional contact types checked on internet registrations (portal leads) when searching for duplicate records - configuration option

Configuration option which ensures that when choosing to add an internet registrations lead to AgencyCloud and the lead is checked for duplicates, both the work and home numbers on the lead are added to the search

Service charge review date can be added to a sales property

Inspection due date shown in Organiser grid before appointment booked

*Accounts content

No accounts additions in this release

*Block management content

Estate journal

Generate journal entries via workflow on estate record

*MyAgency content


Configuration options are available to Enterprise customers only
* Accounts: only applies to users of Client Accounts (UK), Sales Trust Accounts or Property Management Accounts (APAC)| Block management: only applies to users of Block Management | MyAgency: only applies to users of the MyAgency app

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