Remove internet registrations (portal leads) in bulk - configuration option

This guide has been reviewed against our global client base and classed as relevant to all regions

To assist in increasing efficiency, a configuration option is available which allows internet registrations (portal leads) to be removed in bulk

To enable this configuration option, click here to contact Reapit Support

When internet registration leads have been removed they can not be recovered!

It is recommended to take a back-up before removing leads - for information on how to do this, see section 2 below titled Backup internet registrations before removing

1. Remove internet registrations in bulk

From Organiser:

  • Right-click over Internet Registrations (often shown in Overview panel)

  • Select Full results to view the internet registrations screen

  • On the left side of the screen:

    • Tick the lead(s) to remove
      Or tick the box in the header row to select all leads listed

    • Click Spam (bottom right)

  • A confirmation prompt is displayed - click Yes to remove all selected leads
    Marking leads as ‘spam’ just means the leads will be deleted

    The selected leads will be removed from the internet registrations screen

Use the grid headings to sort and/or filter the required leads to remove
For example, click to the right of the Register heading to filter by date received

2. Backup internet registrations before removing

Once removed, internet registrations cannot be recovered - therefore, before carrying out the above action to remove internet registrations in bulk, you may wish to take a backup

From internet registrations screen:

  • Right-click over grid headings, select Export to and click Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet