Access to internet registration configuration

This guide has been reviewed against our global client base and classed as relevant to all regions

If you have access to self-service configuration screens within AgencyCloud - from AgencyCloud 12.168+, the setup negotiators screen can be used to choose which offices' internet registrations leads are received by each user - it also allows internet registration functionality to be removed per user (and added, when enabled at company level)

Prior to this release, access to internet registrations configuration was only available by submitting a request to Reapit Support

The setup negotiators screen is one of several configuration areas within AgencyCloud where access can be given to authorised users - for more information on using this screen, see this guide:

For more information on further configuration areas within AgencyCloud where access can be given to authorised users, see this page:

For more information on internet registrations functionality, click here:

1. Access setup negotiators screen

From the main menu:

  • Click your name/office (top left)

  • Click Configuration and select Setup Negotiators

2. Access internet registrations configuration options

From the screen above:

  • Select required user on left and select Advanced tab (top right)

  • The highlighted area allows you to change configuration for internet registrations

To remove (or add) internet registration functionality for the selected user

  • Untick (or tick) Enable internet registrations functionality

If internet registration functionality has not been enabled at company level in system configuration, it is not possible to enable it at user level via the above screen
However, if internet registration is enabled at company level (but not enabled at user level), then it can be enabled for the selected user from this screen

To set-up/change the office(s) the user will receive internet registration leads for

  • Beside Offices, select the required office(s)
    If blank (as shown above), internet registrations will be received for the user’s office only
    System security settings can affect whether this can be setup for some users