Reapit version 12.167 release notes

This page outlines the latest additions and enhancements to Reapit version 12.167

Check which version you are using to see which features are available to you
(current version number displayed at the bottom of the main menu bar)


Setup tenancy checks menu option rename

Sales & lettings/rentals content

Display price per square foot/metre (sales properties)

Update to sending letters as PDF via email

Store alarm details on a lettings property (carbon monoxide & smoke alarms) - configuration option

Shortcut on tenancy to send email to all guarantors

New grid columns added to Outstanding Works Orders screen

Separate list for custom certificates - configuration option

Accounts content*

Tenant deposit refunds no longer blocked when landlord payments blocked - configuration option (enabled by default)

From AgencyCloud 12.167+, when landlord payments are blocked, tenant deposit refunds can still be processed and will no longer be blocked

Add Accounts Note journal entry type

Extension to journaled bank account details

Maximum length of bank account name increased

Holding deposit updates relating to initial invoice process & output

Block management content**

No block management additions in this release



Configuration options are available to Enterprise customers only
* Only applies to users of Client Accounts (UK), Sales Trust Accounts or Property Management Accounts (APAC)
** Only applies to users of Block Management

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