Rent guarantee income included in landlord tax breakdown report

This guide has been reviewed against our global client base and is relevant to non-APAC regions only - meaning that users within the APAC region will not see rent guarantee income within the tax breakdown report, as outlined in this guide

Available from version 12.182

Rent guarantee functionality is a configurable option for Enterprise customers
To request this option to be enabled on your system, click here to contact Reapit Support

When the landlord tax breakdown report is run and a landlord has rent guarantee income transactions, the rent guarantee income will be included in the report and displayed in the income sum

From landlord screen:

  • Right-click Transactions, select Export tax calculations and then the required tax year

    Landlord tax breakdown report option.png
  • The report will open in Microsoft Excel showing rent guarantee income in the Taxable Income section

    Landlord tax breakdown report showing rent guarantee income.png