Identify Property Manager and/or Property Administrator on a lettings property - configuration option

This guide has been reviewed against our global client base and classed as relevant to all regions

Two configuration options are available to allow a specific Property Manager and/or a Property Administrator to be identified on a lettings property, alongside the existing Key Contact/Manager option

This then allows:

  • Property Manager/Administrator names to be shown within grids throughout the system
    A grid allows filtering and sorting (by name) to be carried out

  • Filtering by Property Manager/Administrator on the Organiser and within Power Reports

To enable one or both of these options, click here to contact Reapit Support

1. Identifying a Property Manager/Administrator

From the Relationships panel on a property:

  • Click

  • Select Property Manager or Property Administrator
    Select the required user from the list shown

    The Property Manager and/or Property Administrator are shown in the Relationships panel

One of each role (i.e. Property Manager, Property Administrator and Key Contact) can be added to a property

2. Filtering by role on the Organiser

The Property Management panel on the Organiser can be filtered by role

  • Click Select then choose who to filter by

    • By Manager will filter properties by the Key Contact role

    • By Prp. Manager will filter properties by the Property Manager role

    • By Prp. Admin will filter properties by the Property Administrator role

Roles are set via the Relationships panel on the property, as seen in step 1

2a. Property Management Panel Setup - scope options

You can choose which office and user information is shown when filtering by role on the Property Management panel

From the Property Management panel:

  • Hover over the panel heading and click the cog icon

    Panel Setup is displayed

  • Each scope option allows you to control which office or user information is shown, select the required Office, Negotiator, Property Manager and Property Administrator

    Negotiator scope refers to the Key Contact on a property, which is then seen when filtering By Manager

  • Click the tick icon in the panel header to save

3. Viewing roles in grids

When viewing a grid showing lettings properties, the Property Manager/Administrator roles can be viewed (the Manager/Administrator name and/or code can be shown)

This grid was achieved by right-clicking over Current Tenancies in the Overview panel on the Organiser and selecting Full Results

  • Click the column heading - Prp. Manager or Prp. Admin - to sort by Property Manager or Property Administrator
    It is also possible to show the Property Manager and Administrator codes in the grid

  • Click to the right of the column heading to filter by a specific Manager/Administrator

  • Click Print for options to export the list to email or Excel, along with printing options

4. Reporting

When running a lettings property report, the option to report by Property Manager or Property Administrator is available

From Power Reports:

  • Select Property Report and select Lettings

  • Use Prp. Admin and/or Prp. Manager criteria options to filter the results

    Add any other criteria needed for the report

  • Click Run Report 

    The results grid can be set to show the Property Manager and/or Administrator names - follow the instructions in the information box in step 3 to display and save these options