Generate a list of current stock sorted by area (square feet / metres)

This guide has been reviewed against our global client base and classed as relevant to all regions

After running a property Power Report, the results grid can be set-up to display the property area in feet/metres

Property area is set up in the Attributes screen on a property record - click here for more information

1. Run property Power Report

From main menu, click Reports & select Power Reports:

  • Ensure Property Report type is selected & select Sales or Lettings, as required

  • Build your report as usual
    In this example, sales properties belonging to the current office that aren’t external and that have the status of For Sale - Available/Unavailable will be returned

  • Click Run Report
    The report results will be shown in a grid, see next step

For more information on using Power Reports, click here

Plus the Power Reports library contains 70+ commonly used Power Reports saved as .rrd files which you can download and import into Reapit - making building Power Reports quicker & easier

2. Add the Area column to the grid

From the report results grid:

  • Right-click over the column headings, select Pick columns and click Area

  • The Area column is added to the right of the grid
    (click and drag the column heading to move its position, if required)
    Whether the area is displayed in feet or metres is dependent on how it is entered into the Attributes screen - click here for more information

  • Right-click over the column headings again and click Save grid layout

3. Sort the data by area

From the results grid:

  • Click the Area column heading to sort in ascending/descending order


If more than one property has the same property area, the group option could be used:

  • Click to the right of the column heading
    The filter icon is displayed

  • Select Group by Area

Entering the property area in feet or metres

From property, Attributes panel:

  • Click Edit (pencil) icon

  • Enter the Square feet
    Or click Square feet and change to Square metres - doing this will change how the area measurement is displayed when running a property report

  • Close Attributes screen & Save property record