Add a tenancy checks report to Organiser that includes default checks

This guide has been reviewed against our global client base and classed as relevant to all regions

Available from version 12.169

A tenancy check report can be added to the Organiser that includes default checks - this is due to the addition in version 12.168 that provided a selectable menu option to include default/predefined tenancy checks that are not yet started, as outlined here:

Default/predefined checks are those added to all tenancies, as required by your business (and setup in configuration)

The menu option ensures that details of default checks that are marked as Needed (i.e. not started) will be included in the report, where required

1. Set up tenancy checks report

From Power Report:

  • Set up the report criteria as required, ensuring that the Include default checks option is selected
    Click Tenancy has checks menu and select Include default checks

2. Save report

From Power Report:

  • Click Save (top right)

  • Enter New Report Name, choose who to share the report with and click Save

3. Add report as a new category on Organiser panel

From required panel (e.g. Property Management):

  • Access Panel Setup (click cog on panel header)

  • In Pick categories to display, click + New Category

  • Click Setup Power Report menu and select Choose existing

  • Select Report Type of Tenancy, select report and click Accept

  • Ensure the Category name, plus the sort and share settings are as required, click Save
    These settings determine how the category is displayed on the Organiser

4. Enable new category on Organiser panel

The selected report is displayed in the categories list

  • Tick the report to select it

  • Click tick (top right) to save panel setup