Prompt to upload to property portals when changes made (UK only)

This guide has been reviewed against our global client base and classed as relevant to UK only

Available from version 12.179

This option is enabled by default - however, Enterprise customers can request for it to be disabled for some/all users
To request for this function to be disabled, click here to contact Reapit Support

When specific options on a property record are updated, a prompt is displayed to ask the user if they want to update their relevant property marketing portals (such as Rightmove, Zoopla, On the Market)

This update means that, after making changes, users no longer need to navigate to the property marketing screen to manually update the portals, individually or in bulk

1. Property conditions

A prompt to update the portals will be displayed when:

  • No internet advertising (on property marketing screen) - is un-ticked

  • Property status on a sales property, is set to any of the following:

    • For Sale - Available

    • Under Offer - Available
      Sold STC - Available
      Sale Agreed - Available
      Terminology used is dependent on configuration

  • Property status on a lettings property, is set to any of the following:

    • To Let - Available

    • Arranging Tenancy - Available

    • Tenancy Current - Available

    • Sold

2. Specific fields that will prompt to update the portals

For the following fields/areas on a property record, when changes/updates are made and the property is saved, a prompt will be displayed:

  • Address

  • Lat/Long coordinates

  • Descriptions

  • Attributes

  • Details (adding/removing a brochure)

  • Pictures

  • Rooms

  • Status changed to any of the statuses listed in section 1

  • No internet advertising (on property marketing screen) being ticked/un-ticked

3. Prompt to upload changes

The prompt to update the portals with changes will be displayed when:

  • The property meets the relevant conditions, as outlined in section 1

  • When any of the relevant fields are updated, as outlined in section 2

  • The property is next saved

The following prompt will be displayed:

  • Click Yes to update all portals
    The portals you are uploading to will be listed on the prompt

    Upload to portals prompt.png