Property attribute screen update to allow utilities & additional property information to be logged

This guide has been reviewed against our global client base and classed as relevant to all regions

Available from version 12.181

To comply with UK Trading Standards guidance as to what information must be displayed online for property listings in relation to Material Information Parts B & C, a new tab has been added to property attributes titled Utilities & Additional Information - this new tab allows the required information to be logged consistently

For lettings properties, some of this information could already be logged prior to version 12.181, such as utility providers, meter point numbers and heating type - therefore this information has been transferred from the Appliances, Insurance & Safety tab to the new Utilities & Additional Information tab

In order for the required information to be uploaded to a property portal, further updates will be required on the relevant portal feeds (current timescale to be confirmed)

1. Access new Utilities & Additional Information tab

From property (sales or lettings):

  • In Attributes panel, click edit (pencil) icon

    Attributes panel - edit icon.png
  • Click Utilities & Additional Information tab and complete as required

    Utilities and additional information property attributes.png

2. Appliances, Insurance & Safety tab

For lettings properties, the following information is no longer stored on the Appliances, Insurance & Safety tab:

  • utility suppliers

  • meter point numbers

  • mains heating type