Additional information field added to property attributes

This guide has been reviewed against our global client base and classed as relevant to all regions

Available from version 12.172

Additional information can be added in property attributes via a ‘free text’ field

Up to 250 characters can be added which make an additional bullet point on the property attributes - this is displayed on the attributes panel on the property record

This update allows extra text to be added to a property record to supplement the property attributes already available

The Additional Information field does not have any impact on matching

From property record:

  • In Attributes panel, click edit (pencil) icon

  • Add required text in the Additional Information field bottom right and click x to close
    Up to 250 characters can be added
    The text is added to one bullet point (i.e. pressing enter to start a new line does not create multiple bullet points)

  • The additional information is shown in one bullet point at the end of the list