Shared ownership details can be added to a sales property

This guide has been reviewed against our global client base and classed as relevant to all regions

To comply with Trading Standards guidance as to what information must be displayed online for property listings - from AgencyCloud 12.49+, shared ownership details can be added to a sales property, along with the percentage of the shared being offered as part of the sale and the rent payable for the remaining share

In order for this information to be uploaded to a property portal, further updates will be required on the relevant portal feeds (current timescale to be confirmed)

1. Set Disposal to Shared Ownership

From the property:

  • Click Disposal menu and select Shared Ownership

  • To right, click Details link

2. Enter shared ownership detail


  • Shared Percentage amount

  • Rent Payable amount

    • Click menu to right to set how often rent is paid (p/w, p/4w, p/m, p/a)


When shared ownership details have been added the Details link shows with an asterisk (*) to indicate details have been added (shown in step 1) - hovering over the link displays details in a tooltip on screen