Save report results grid to a specific Power Report

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Available from version 12.175

A report results grid can be saved to a specific Power Report, allowing grid columns/layouts to be created and saved to a report they are relevant for without altering the layout used for other reports

For example, this would allow a tenancy report results grid to show incomplete pre-tenancy checks when running an arranging tenancies report, but not show this information in the results grid when running any other type of tenancy report where that information would not be relevant

1. Access saved criteria & run report

From main menu:

  • Click Reports and select Power Reports

  • Click required saved report from the Predefined Reports list (on right)
    In this example, the saved Current stock report has been selected

  • Click Run Report

2. Customise report results grid and save grid to report

From report results grid:

  • Right-click column heading, select Pick Columns and choose the relevant columns for this report

Save grid layout options

  • Right-click column headings again - select Save grid layout
    Options are:

    • Save grid to report
      Saves the new grid layout against the current report
      In this example, two new columns have been added to the report (i.e. Key Number, Key With), therefore next time the Current stock property report is run, this grid layout will be used - but when running any other property report, the newly added columns will not be displayed

    • Save as default layout
      Save the layout to be used for all property reports

3. Saved grid layout transferred to new report

When a Predefined Report has a specific grid layout saved to the report and the saved report is used to create a new report, the saved grid layout will be transferred to the new report

From Predefined Reports:

  • Right-click over the relevant report

  • Select Create new report based on this

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