Under Offer dashboard on Organiser for sales progression (sales only)

This guide has been reviewed against our global client base and classed as relevant to all regions

Available from version 12.183

An enhanced dashboard to view and work with under offer (or SSTC) properties is available via the Organiser

This new dashboard has been designed to provide better efficiency for a sales progressor to access the information they require quickly and with fewer clicks

This guide covers:

Add dashboard to Organiser panel

The Under Offer Dashboard first needs to be added to the Overview / To Do panel on the Organiser

1. Add dashboard

From Organiser:

  • Hover over Overview or To Do panel header and click cog icon to access Panel Setup

    User Offer dashboard - cog icon on panel.png
  • Tick box beside Under Offer Dashboard and click tick (top right) to save Panel Setup

    User Offer dashboard - panel setup with cog.png

To find out which properties are shown in the dashboard - while in Panel Setup:

  • Hover over the Under Offer Dashboard title to view details of what is shown in a tooltip
    Hovering over this option also displays a cog which allows the configuration/criteria used for the dashboard to be changed - see steps 2 & 3

2. Change dashboard configuration

How the dashboard option is displayed and ordered can be changed

From Panel Setup:

  • Hover over Under Offer Dashboard and click cog icon to right

The Edit Category screen is displayed allowing the configuration of the dashboard to be changed:

  • Standard Sales Category: summarises which properties are currently being shown for this option
    Click Edit (top right) to change - see step 3

  • Category name: the title of the dashboard as shown in the panel - can change to suit requirements

  • Sort results by: defaults to sorting the list by Asking Price - can change to another sort order,
    such as Sales Progressor or Address

  • Do not preview results - recommended to tick/enable

    • When ticked: will display the dashboard immediately when clicking Under Offer Dashboard on the Organiser panel

    • When unticked: clicking Under Offer Dashboard displays the list of properties in a preview list on Organiser panel - then need to click Pop out into full results icon from panel header to view the Under Offer Dashboard

  • Display full results in quicklist - not applicable

3. Change dashboard content

Which properties are included in the Under Offer Dashboard can be configured

From Edit Category screen, shown above:

  • Click Edit (top right) and select Edit criteria

  • The criteria currently being used for the Under Offer Dashboard is displayed - to make changes click Pick Property Criteria

  • Make changes to the criteria being used, as required - click Show more to see more property criteria options
    For example, you may only want to see properties that are Sold STC - Unavailable and/or you may want to show just properties assigned to a particular Sales Progressor

  • Click Done then click Save on the previous Edit Category screen

How to use the Under Offer Dashboard

1. Access dashboard

From Organiser panel:

  • Right-click Under Offer Dashboard and click Full results

2. Dashboard content

The following information can be seen for each property shown on the dashboard:

3. Add sales progress note & contact relevant parties

Right-click over a property in the dashboard for options to:

Add Sales Progress note

  • Right-click over any area of any property for the option to Add note

  • Enter note and click Accept
    Note is added to Sales Progress screen Activity Feed panel

Email/call/SMS contact (where applicable)

  • Right-click over Vendor, Vendor Solicitor, Purchaser or Purchaser Solicitor

  • Options to Send e-mail, Dial Number or Send SMS message (text) are offered where applicable
    To email: an email address needs to be stored on the contact/company record
    To dial or send a text/SMS: relevant integration/configuration needs to be in place to dial or use SMS functionality - or, where SMS configuration is in place, a relevant number needs to be stored on the contact/company record

4. Using the dashboard grid, applying filters & saving

Some grid functions are available, including:

  • Click column heading to sort by that column

  • Right-click over column headings for options to change currency shown or column sizing

  • Click to the right of the column heading for filter options via the filter icon (shown below)

    • Depending on the column clicked, options to filter using text or dates is offered
      Or, as shown for Offer Negotiator below, options to group/filter by user may be offered

Save a dashboard filter

Once applied, a dashboard filter can be saved
For example, to display just the properties you are working with, you could filter by Sales Progressor and save this filter, or you may want to just view offers with a review date period

After applying a filter to the dashboard:

  • In this example, the dashboard has been filtered by Review Date

  • Right-click over column headings and select Save current filters

  • When the dashboard is closed and re-opened, a prompt will be displayed

  • To keep the saved filters, click Yes
    The dashboard is displayed with the filters applied