Pictures screen

This guide has been reviewed against our global client base and classed as relevant to all regions

As part of the new user interface (UI) project, the pictures screen has been redesigned to bring it in line with previously redesigned screens - all existing functionality exists but with a refreshed look and feel with enhanced usability features

The new pictures screen (shown below) is available in version 12.129+

Further new features have since been added: (version 12.155+) (version 12.162+) (version 12.165+)

(version 12.174+)

1. Add picture, floorplan or map

  • Use the Picture, Floorplan and Map buttons (top left) to add the required image type
    Images can still be added using drag and drop

  • Use the Virtual Tours button to view/add/edit virtual tour URLs & captions

  • Click the Refresh button (top right) to update the thumbnail images

If you use a custom floorplan tool and/or you need to add multi-lingual image descriptions, both options will be available via buttons to the top right of the screen

2. Change image type

  • Click link under the image and select Mark as... 


3. Main picture

  • The main picture is denoted by a yellow star

  • To change the main picture:
    click the grey star on the new main picture


3. Add labels

  • Click on room label section and type


4. Edit, delete or move 

  • Edit: click the pencil icon below the image

  • Delete: click the cross icon

  • Move: click and drag to desired position