Hi-res picture path error

This guide has been reviewed against our global client base and classed as relevant to all regions

When images are added to Reapit, they are compressed slightly. To ensure that compressed images are not used in brochures/online, a shared folder should be set up by your IT contact/team.

Once set-up, when uploading pictures to Reapit, the system will make a copy of each image, prior to compression, in the shared folder (or the Hi-res picture folder).

If the configuration path for the Hi-res picture folder is incorrect or Reapit cannot connect to it, you will be prevented from adding images. This page outlines what to do if you receive an error and how this issue can be resolved.

If you're working from home and experiencing this error, you should contact your IT team to review

Access to a shared location will need to be provided, all staff working from home should be able to save and, with that, share hi-res images from this location

Preferably this should be the location noted in the error you're seeing but, if not, an alternative location should be provided

If this location is changed, you will need to notify Reapit with a request ticket, so that the necessary configuration can be implemented

1. Hi-res picture path does not exist error

When this error message is displayed, AgencyCloud is unable to locate the shared folder to copy the property images to (as outlined above)


2. Check folder location

In some instances, the issue can be resolved by re-establishing connection to the shared drive as follows:

  • Browse to the location highlighted in the error message, when found, open the shared folder


3. Contact your IT contact/team

  • If the action taken in step 2 did not work, contact your IT contact/team who will be able to confirm the correct path for the hi-res folder

  • Contact Reapit Support with the correct path