Identify & report on EPC letter band & EPC ratings (UK only)

This guide has been reviewed against our global client base and classed as relevant to all regions

When adding an EPC Energy Efficiency Rating & Environment Impact Rating, the corresponding letter bands for the rating are shown

The Energy Efficiency Rating (EER) letter band can be reported on using Power Reports - either as a criteria option within the report and/or included in the report results to allow sorting/filtering to be carried out

Currently in the UK, with the exception of listed properties, lettings properties cannot be marketed for rent if the EER is below an E rating (i.e. F or G) - the lettings report example below shows how this report can be achieved

Alongside this, the EPC numeric rating can also be reported on using Power Reports

1. View ratings in EPC screen

From property record:

  • In Attributes panel, click EPC

  • The Energy Efficiency Rating & Environment Impact Rating corresponding letter bands are automatically shown beside the current and potential ratings

2. Build Power Report criteria to report by EPC Energy Efficiency Rating band & numeric rating

EPC Band & EPC Rating criteria options are available for sales & lettings property reports

From Power Reports:

  • Ensure Property Report type is selected and select Sales or Lettings

  • Click Show more

  • EPC Band and EPC Rating are displayed as a criteria options

Example report (sales)

This report will return sales properties for the current office, that are either for sale or under offer/SSTC and that have an EER rating of Band D and above

Example report (lettings)

This report will return all lettings properties that have an EER rating of Band G or Band F

Both report examples can have more criteria options added to ensure the required information is returned in the results
Or, a report can be run without the EPC Band criteria added - instead using the EPC Band (and EPC Rating) column in the report results grid to view/filter the list, see step 3 below

3. View EPC Band & EPC Rating information in report results grid

When the report criteria has been built:

  • Click Run Report - the report results are shown in a grid

The EPC Band and/or EPC Rating information can be shown in the results grid, as shown above, but needs to be added and saved to the grid first, as follows:

  • Right-click over the column headings, click Pick columns, select More, tick EPC Band and EPC Rating, then click Accept

  • The new columns will be added to the far right side of the grid - click and drag the column headings to the desired position

  • Right-click over the column headings again and click Save grid layout

If you are required to run both lettings & sales reports for EPC band/ratings, you will need to add the required columns and save them on both the lettings & sales property report results grids

  • Grid functions can be used to sort, group or filter the report results by EPC Band/Rating

    • To sort the list, click the column heading

    • To group or filter by EPC Band/Rating, click to the right of the column heading (to view filter icon)

    • Select Group by… to group the list OR select individual entries to filter the list