Generate EPC graph using EPC figures from third party app (via API)

This guide has been reviewed against our global client base and classed as relevant to all regions

Available from version 12.181

EPC figures available via a third party app can be used to create an EPC graph image for use when marketing

Both residential and commercial EPC data can be retrieved

This functionality allows EPC figures to be retrieved quickly and easily

1. Retrieve EPC option

From property record:

  • Click EPC

    EPC - prop record.png
  • Click Retrieve EPC

    EPC screen.png

If you have commercial EPC functionality enabled, then the option to generate a residential or commercial EPC is offered:

  • Click Retrieve EPC and select Residential EPC or Commercial EPC, as required

2. Select property

The property postcode is used and a list of matches with EPC data presented
The Created Date indicates when the EPC was created for each property

  • Select the required property, ensure that Make Graph remains ticked so that an EPC image is generated, then click Select
    When the Make Graph option is ticked, the EPC image is created and automatically added to the property pictures screen

  • Any values already entered into the EPC screen will be overwritten with the EPC rating figures and creation date - click Yes

  • Click Yes if you want to check the graph

  • If you chose to display the graph - it is shown, displaying the relevant ratings retrieved from the API

  • The four EPC Rating figures and Created date are added to the EPC screen on the property

  • For a commercial EPC, the EPC Rating and EPC Created date is added

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