Add a commercial EPC - configuration option

This guide has been reviewed against our global client base and classed as relevant to all regions

A configuration option is available which allows EPC information for commercial properties to be added and an EPC graph image created - certificate details can also be stored and related documents uploaded

Creating an EPC graph image automatically adds the image to the property pictures gallery to allow it to be included on property details and uploaded to portals

Commercial EPCs can also be reported on and information on the commercial EPC seen in property report results grids and property grids accessed via the Organiser

To enable this configuration option, click here to contact Reapit Support

For more information on entering commercial property details into Reapit, click here:

1. Enter EPC rating

From version 12.181, when commercial EPC functionality is enabled, an external website can be used to obtain the commercial EPC rating, as outlined here:

Once the EPC figure is available, an EPC graph image can be generated

From the Attributes panel:

  • Click EPC

  • Expand Commercial EPC section

From Commercial EPC section:

  • Enter EPC Rating and the EPC Created date

2. Make EPC graph

When the EPC has been created, the EPC graph image can be created

From top left of EPC screen:

  • Click Make Graph and select Commercial EPC

  • A prompt is displayed - click Yes/No as required

    • If Yes is clicked, the graph image is displayed on screen

  • The image is automatically added to the property pictures gallery and is assigned the image type of EPC Graph

3. View graph

When a commercial EPC graph image has been generated (as outlined in step 2), the image can be viewed from the EPC screen

From top left of EPC screen:

  • Click View Graph

4. Add certificate

An EPC certificate can be stored - this allows the EPC expiry date to be identified which can then be reported on at a later date

From top left of EPC screen:

  • Click Add Certificate and select EPC - Commercial

  • Enter certificate details, such as Booked and Expiry dates, plus Provider
    After clicking Save (top right) related files can be added via Documents (top left)

  • Certificate details are added to the bottom of the EPC screen
    Double-click to open certificate details screen again

Reporting on commercial EPC certificates

When a commercial EPC certificate is added, a property certificates report can be run

For example, this report will return all sales properties with a Commercial EPC certificate stored that is due to end/expire in the next 3 months

5. Reporting on commercial EPCs

a. Property report criteria - three criteria options have been added when reporting on properties

From Power Reports:

  • Select Property Report type then select Sales/Lettings, as required, then click Show more

  • Criteria options for reporting on commercial EPCs are available:

    • Commercial EPC band

    • Commercial EPC exempt

    • Commercial EPC rating

b. Report results grid - the property grid, seen after running a report or when viewing properties via the Organiser, can also show commercial EPC information

From the report results grid (or property list accessed via the Organiser):

  • Right-click over the column headings, select Pick columns and click More

  • Tick Commercial EPC band and Commercial EPC rating then click Accept

  • The new columns are added to the far right side of the grid - click and drag the column headings to the desired position

  • Right-click over the column headings again and click Save grid layout

  • The columns will now show when using this type of grid again - grid functions can be used to sort or filter by content

    • To sort the list, click the column heading

    • To group/filter the list by content, click to the right of the column heading (to view filter icon)